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Body Treatment

Trying to achieve a lean, trim and toned body? It’s still often challenging to achieve the perfect silhouette even when you exercise regularly and have healthy diet as fat deposits in some areas and cellulite that distort the figure clings to curves. The good news is a toned, desirable body can be achieved at La Jung! Schedule a body treatment, slimming and contouring consultation with us today.

Types of Treatments

La Jung Slimming

For those who wish to achieve a slimmer body, this treatment is designed to best suit your needs, targeting your areas of concerns.

La Jung Contouring

For those who desire a toned body, this treatment can help you achieve definition.

Arm Slimming

For those with flabby arms, this treatment can help you achieve a more sculpted look.

Man Gynaecomastia

For men who wish to eliminate the appearance of “man boobs”, this treatment can help you achieve your desire for broader looking chest.

Breast & Decolletage Lift

For those with saggy breasts, this treatment can help you achieve firmer and rounded breasts.

Leg Slimming

For those who desire slimmer legs, this treatment can help you achieve an overall slender silhouette.

Skin Tightening

For those with saggy skin, cellulite or stretchmarks, this treatment can help you achieve improved skin elasticity.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

For women who wish to nonsurgically improve their intimate health, this treatment can benefit women who desire a better intimate experience.

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Real results from La Jung

Testimonial 3

Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you. Thank you  for taking care of my skin. Looking forward to witness the transformation of my skin condition.

Serene Claire

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I am so impressed with the level of hospitality provided by the staff in @lajung.malaysia aesthetic clinic. As soon as you step in, I was amazed at how comfortable the environment was. If you’re looking for something that provides great service and also specialises in a lot of treatments raging from body, skin and hair. This definitely ticks all the boxes!

Prissha Gerald

Testimonial 1

Delighted with my consultation at this clinic. The place is very peaceful and I love the vibe. Doctor and staff were very professional in keeping me comfortable and providing their best service with detailed explanation of my skin condition. Good location. Thank you La Jung!

Sonia Mah